Exploring the relationship between dysfunctional personality traits with metacognition and confidence

Embon I, Gerbaudo MA, Ramos Usaj A, Iorio A, Barttfeld P y Solovey G. 2023. Preprints


The ability to assess one's own cognitive processes is known as metacognition. Although it has been hypothesized that people with certain personality disorders have trouble understanding their own mental states, the relationship between dysfunctional personality traits (DPT) and metacognition remains unclear. In an online study, neurotypical participants completed the Personality Inventory Disorders 5 (PID-5) for DSM-5 after completing a dot-density perceptual task. We found evidence that Grandiosity, Perceptual Dysregulation, Restricted Affectivity, Separation Insecurity, Hostility, Impulsivity and Submissiveness DPT facets are associated with confidence level. Moreover, Anxiousness and Emotional Lability showed connections with metacognitive sensitivity. These results support the idea of a potential link between metacognition and mental health in the context of a transdiagnostic framework for personality disorders.